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Bogart_13.2  Casablanca S-Series standalone models running Bogart 12 and above.  MUST BURN ON A DVD 

(This disc contains Bogart SE 13.2 /12 /11 / 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 ) (with Arabesk 6/7)) 

You must have a license number for Bogart 12 or 13 to do this install.

Click Here  for the Bogart 13a release notes and installation instructions!

If you have a license for Bogart 5 to Bogart 11 you can download this version, but improvements and debugging was discontinued in 2020, and the software is not supported and is no longer being sold.

Bogart 5 to 11.6  Casablanca S-Series standalone models running Bogart 11 to 5.  MUST BURN ON A DVD 

Click here for Casablanca Video Expert Reseller  

Bogart 13 for Standalones new lower prices!

Bogart 13 Gold full version is $349.00

Bogart 13 Gold upgrade from Bog 11 Gold or earlier is $249.00

Bogart 13 Gold upgrade from Bogart 12 Gold is $165.00


If your browser doesn’t open the “Save As” window when you click or double click on the download link, hover your cursor over the link, and right click your trackball or mouse. From the pop-up menu, select “Save Link As”. Do not rename the File Name, but you can change the location on your computer where the download goes. The file is almost 2Gb, so make sure there is room for it.

The file is compressed, so you need “extract” the contents. Using Windows Explorer, go to the location where you downloaded the file to. Put your cursor over the file and right click. Select Extract. One of the files will be an ISO file, which is a DVD Image. For instructions on how to burn an ISO Image file on an Optical Disc, go to: https://macrosystem.us/index.php?pr=Download_Instructions

If all this is foreign to you, we can burn the discs and send them to you USPS Priority Mail for only $20. When purchasing the software from your dealer also ask for the discs.

The disc also loads Arabesk 6 and Arabesk 7, use 7 if you own it.  It also loads a few other programs that will be visible in the Install Product menu. All other software must be installed from the new 3/14/2022Add-On Disc . 

With any Bogart 5 to 12 version you must use either Arabesk 6 or 7!  Both versions install automatically with this Bogart disc.

Bogart 4 or earlier has not been updated for years and is no longer supported, so use it at your own risk if you can not afford the upgrade.

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