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Bogart 13 for Windows and Linux

 Bogart for Windows 13

Arabesk 8 loads with Bogart Windows 13 and is $129, or $89 upgrading from Arabesk 7!

Call your Video Expert Reseller or click here for a complete list

Click here for Casablanca Expert Webinar on Bogart 13 and all the new  creative tools

Click here tor all product videos including Bogart 12 and Arabesk 8


Click here to download the 1/03/2022 Bogart 13 Free Demo SW to test your HW with our SW!

Click here to download the 3/23/2022 Bogart 13.2 full program once satisfied with the demo performanca

Click here if you don't have a Bogart 12 license, but have a Bogart version 11 or lower license

The Bogart 13 full program download 2 lines above is a zipped folder of many resources. It has the Bogart 10, 11, 12, and 13 manuals, plus a number of other valuable items. To UnZip the downloaded file hover your cursor over it, and right click your mouse. Select "Extract or UnZip". It will ask where you want to put all the files. You could select the "desktop", that way the important info is now on your screen just a click away when you need it. If you want older Bogart manuals click below:

Click here to download the Bogart 9 Manual

Click here to download the Bogart 8 Manual

Click here to download the Bogart 6 Manual

Click here to download the Bogart 5 Manual

All Sales and licensing are through our Video Expert Resellers:


Bogart 13 for Windows and Linux!

 All Bogart Windows 13 Gold purchases include about 3 hours of online training by the Casablanca Expert!

Bogart 13 Gold for Win/Lin full version is $349.00

Bogart 13 Gold for Win/Lin upgrade from Bog 6 to 11 Gold is $249.00

Bogart 13 Gold for Win/Lin upg from Bog 12 Gold $165.00

To download and install the Linux Standalone Operating System CLICK HERE

Bogart Windows 13 also includes all the latest free earlier versions 12.6 / 11.7 / 10.10 / 9.16 / 8.21 / 7.24 / and 6.26.  You can switch versions in the Install Product Menu should the newest version cause a learning curve issue. It takes less than a minute and your work is as you left it. If deadlines are looming, and you need to get the work done, just go back to the last version you knew.

Bogart Windows Add-Ons:

When you install Bogart 13 for Windows above, it automatically installs a few Add-Ons: Arabesk 8, Bonus Pack, Bogart 11.7 /10.10 / 9.16 / 8.21 / 7.24 / and 6.26.  (Bronze, Silver, and Gold Editions), CinemaScope, Power-Key, HD Back-Up Sentry 2,  and Vertigo Titler. Most add-ons will run in demo mode when you try to activate. They are the full versions, but just have a Bogart Icon on the screen when you export your video. 

Additional Add-Ons can be downloaded at the link below, and then double left clicked with Bogart closed.  Now launch Bogart, and go into the Install Product Menu. The software you just installed should be listed there.  Select the SW, then select Activate. It will run in the free Demo Mode. If you like and buy an add-on license select Activate and enter the license number.

The US software downloads from Germany are on the right side of this webpage!

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