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MacroSystem Americas LLC sells its products exclusively through the value added resellers below. Typically we are the warehouse, and do the drop shipping to you for our VARs, guaranteeing consistent quality and performance. Additionally, we service the products at either the east or west coast facilities, although our current products very rarely require service. What repairs we do get are usually older units. We will even repair old Smart Edit machines, but since there are no new parts available for them, we usually do not recommend it.

We are very pleased to have this extra special group of VARs, and some we have identified as Gold Star VARs. These Casablanca Gold Star VARs have been selected for a variety of factors. Our GS VARs have achieved a high degree of success with substantial Casablanca sales volume --- but equally important, they provide strong support during as well as after the sale, providing our customers with a valuable resource that helps ensure success with the Casablanca line. They are identified below with the letter G by their name, and are intimately familiar with the Casablancas.

The companies that carry many brands, and do very little business have been eliminated. If your dealer did not make the cut, here are key designations which may help you select a VAR:

G = Gold Star Value Added Reseller

U = The Casablanca 4 Studio Pro Ultra Demo Unit with all the current software

S = The Casablanca 4 Studio Pro Demo Unit with all the current software

SA = The Casablanca 4 Sapphire Demo Unit with all the current software

TP = The Casablanca 4 Travel Pro Demo Unit with all the current software

W = Windows PC Demo Unit with all the current software


Aspect Video (Sales & Service) TJ Video Productions MIT Video Productions
Chuck Owens: G,SA,W Tommy Wells: G, S, SA,TP,W Joel Brooks, Owner: U,W
4201 Westgate Ave. Suite A9

1004 Smithfield Avenue

117 Kinbrook Ln

West Palm Beach FL 33409

Hopewell, VA 23860

Weatherford, TX 76087




aspectvideoinc@gmail.com tommy@tjvideo.net


Youth Education Services Inc.
Steve Kaiser: W, TP  
136C Manchester Drive

Basking Ridge, NJ











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