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The most common application for the "Render Booster" is the production of DVDs and Blu-ray discs in HD and SD formats. Also, the "Render Booster" is used for the "export storyboard" functions.

It allows very fast and high quality conversions. SD and HD projects can be converted into H.264.ts formats that can be played on PCs, Macs and many media players easily. SD projects in addition to conventional MPEG-2 format can be exported. The data rates are selectable by the user.

All export formats can be uploaded to YouTube without further changes.

A short USB extension cable is included and allows space-saving installation of the product.

The "Render Booster" transcodes all SD and HD projects in the DVD format or in MPEG/H.264 files, and of course every movie project in the Blu-ray compatible AVCHD format. The required time is between 1.4 and 1.6 times the duration of the project. A 60 minute project therefore requires 84 to 96 minutes of CPU time. This time includes the pure transcoding (faster than real time) and the "overhead" - there must be very large amounts of data back and forth copied. Compared to a "S 4000" this calculation with "Render Booster" is thus about 12 times faster than without the stick.
The superior hardware conversion is significantly better than existing software encoders (in Casablanca, but also for many PC and Mac systems). This allows a new quality mode for Arabesk HD projects - 90 minutes of footage to fit in full HD resolution on a conventional dual-layer DVD media. A 25GB Blu-ray Disc has enough space for about four hours of material, and., A 50 GB disk even for eight hours Even a low-cost single-layer DVD "creates" 45 minutes.



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System requirements:
Bogart v5 or higher

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