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Repair Shop

From time to time it may be necessary to ship your Casablanca unit to us for repairs or hardware upgrades. When you do, you will be taken care of by our Service Department, one of the best support services in the business.

If you suspect that you have a hardware malfunction, please first consult our FAQ Section.  If you still suspect a hardware problem, contact our Tech Support department for diagnosis. If you in fact need to return your Casablanca, you will be issued instructions on returning your Casablanca.

No shipments will be accepted without an RMA# issued from the Tech Support Department.

Freight cost for all shipments (warranty or non-warranty) to MacroSystem are the responsibility of the Customer.   Return freight is paid by MacroSystem for all warranty repairs or replacements.  Return freight on any non-warranty items is the responsibility of the customer. 

Please allow the repair technician at least 2 weeks for all repairs.

Products that fall under warranty will be either repaired or replaced at no charge.  The repair technician will determine whether to repair or replace a customer's unit.

After the repair has been made, units will be shipped via FedEx Ground unless other paid arrangements are made.  All out of warranty repairs will be charged a minimum diagnostic fee of $100.00.

Be prepared to have the hard drive erased. The majority of the repairs require a full installation of the operating system software, which will result in a loss of all project data.  We are not responsible for any lost projects.

We cannot stress enough the importance of leaving your corrupted footage and the approximate time the errors occur. The longest part of the repair process is replicating the problems. Leaving existing problems on the hard drive will help increase the timeliness of the repair.

The Casablanca Classic and early Avio boxes had cardboard inserts with a plastic sheet covering one of the sides. When packing the editor in one of these boxes, make sure that the unit is sandwiched between the two plastic sheets of the inserts. The insert on the bottom will have the plastic sheet to the top, and the top insert will have the plastic sheet to the bottom. If these pieces are reversed, the system will have room to bounce around and will likely be damaged.

The current boxes have foam inserts that fit around the sides of the machine to separate the unit from the edges of the box. If you are returning a Prestige, Renommee, or Renommee Plus for repair, please be sure send the key to the hard drive.  Make sure that everything is unplugged from the system before shipping (power and video cables, euroscarts).

If you are including any loose parts such as your trackball or euroscarts, make sure that they are packed inside a smaller box and protected from bouncing around.

If you do not have the original packing material, we recommend using at least 3 inches of foam padding or bubble wrap on all six sides of the unit.

Packing peanuts and crumpled newspaper are not sufficient to protect the machine during shipping.  Foam packing peanuts attract static electricity, which can damage the machine. You will be responsible for any damages incurred from insufficient packaging during shipment. If you have further questions, please contact us before shipping.

Method of Shipping

We recommend using FedEx or UPS to ship your unit so it can be insured and tracked.  If your unit is shipped using the US Postal Service, or some other non-trackable shipping service, we cannot be held responsible for units lost in shipping.

Ship To:  MacroSystem US
                RMA# _______
                5541 Central Ave., Suite 135
                Boulder, CO 80301

*A minimum of $100.00 diagnostic fee plus shipping will be charged on all non-warranty rma's.

**For repairs requiring excessive labor or testing time, labor charges are billed at $50 per hour.

***Due to age of certain models and availability of parts, some repairs may not be possible.  In this case, we will offer the best replacement solutions available.

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