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Casablanca Foolproof Volume 1:  SmartEdit 8/Bogart 2


This brand new 3-disk set covers the entire latest Operating System* for the Casablanca, pointing out not only the new features in Smart Edit 8/Bogart 2, but also tips for both the new user and veteran alike.

This is the most thorough Casablanca video tutorial ever produced - with more than six hours of instruction on the latest Casablanca Operating System.

Your customers can view this DVD near their editor to maximize all the options in the new Operating System.
Chets' familiarity with the software coupled with his expert teaching style make this tutorial a very helpful resource.

Chet mentions "Now, I need to clarify that this is not an advanced or Tips & Tricks kind of video -- I wanted my first video to be an intensive, comprehensive walk-through of the entire OS, from cable connection through the Finish window. But even Casablanca veterans will pick-up valuable information on the latest OS features like the Scene Markings & Action Options in the Edit Menu, the Font Import in the Titling Menu and the Graphic Overlay and Time Code display options n the Finish Window. * Although the Smart Edit 8 and Bogart 2 Operating Systems are designed for two different hardware platforms, they are operationally almost identical. That's why I can cover both versions in one tutorial DVD set!  NOTE: any differences between the platforms are pointed out during the tutorial video and there are separate sections on Disk #3 for hardware set-up/connection and a separate section on the new features found only in Bogart 2."

Again for your customers who are on the Bogart SE OS, there is a separate film titled 'Bogart Specific Features'  where I share the new features specific to the Bogart OS (AVCHD Import, Audio Tools, Archives & Intro to Media Manager). This is only a small introduction to the Media Manager as a full tutorial of the Media Manager will be available in the forthcoming Casablanca Foolproof: Media Manager (scheduled for release July 27,2009)


**Please note that this product is produced by Chet Davis, The Casablanca Expert**

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