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Casablanca Foolproof Bogart 4 and The Kitchen Sink


The Bogart V4 Tutorial DVD Bundle is a collection of the Casablanca Expert's helpful tutorial DVDs that will help you fully understand the power and efficiency in your Casablanca Bogart Video Editor.

This package is ideal for the person who is either new to the Casablanca video editing platform... or even for someone who has been using their Casablanca for awhile and has made the transition to the Bogart OS platform.

Chet Davis has nick-named this bundle 'The Kitchen Sink' as it contains not only the Bogart 4 Intensive tutorial DVD package (with 10-1/2 hours of instruction), but also includes comprehensive tutorial DVDs on DVD Authoring with Arabesk 4, Chet's intensive tutorial on the Casablanca Media Manager (built into your Casablanca Bogart editor), and Chet's lesson on the options for archiving (saving your video projects in the Bogart OS).

Plus you'll receive an extra DVD with two shorter but equally valuable lessons: Store N Share (an add-on program that enables you to edit to/from an external hard-drive) and PowerKey (the add-on program that provides a lot of keyboard shortcuts).

This package is provided in a 3-ring binder with the DVD lessons and printed hand-outs that are companions to several of the lessons.

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