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Casablanca Foolproof Volume 8:  Bogart 4 Intensive


Casablanca Foolproof Volume 8: Bogart V4 Intensive is the most comprehensive tutorial ever produced for the Casablanca video editor.  In this DVD - consisting of six DVDs with more than 10 hours of instruction - Casablanca Expert Chet Davis takes you through every button in the Casablanca Bogart 4 Operating System.

This tutorial DVD set is ideal for those who are new to the Casablanca video editor.  Chet guides you through each menu screen, showing you how to take full advantage of the different options available to you.  

And for those colleagues who have been editing on a Casablanca Smart Edit unit for years... you may be very surprised at the many helpful, time-saving features and functions there are in the Bogart V4 environment.  Chet guides you through each menu screen to ensure you have a solid understanding of the buttons and functions that will be of best use for you.



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