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Casablanca Foolproof Volume 7:  Candy Factory Intensive


Chet Davis walks you through the many settings in the powerful Casablanca Candy Factory software.

If you have wanted to unleash the creative capabilities in the Casblanca Candy Factory software but felt a little daunted by all the options and settings, Chet Davis' latest tutorial DVD is just what you need. With 2-hours & 10 minutes of quality instruction you will be learning all the capabilities and features of Candy Factory software (compatible with both Smart Edit & Bogart OS Casablanca editors)

Nestled within this tutorial are 6 'Quick Tips' where you learn specific effects without having to learn each of the menu settings. Also included is a separate disk with 20 scenes & masks to follow along & learn, and then practice on your own.

Disk One: Intensive Tutorial
1 Candy Factory Introduction
2 Bevel Settings
3 Glow Settings
4 Light & Shadow Settings
5 Object Settings
6 Background Settings

Disk Two: Quick Tips
1 Static Title
2 Scrolling Title
3 Textured Background
4 Inverse Key
5 Candy Factory Masks
6 Masks & PIPs
7 Inverse Key with Layered Candy Factory Title (Double CF Effect)

Disk Three: DVD with AVI Files
Practice footage - load into your Scene Bin using Disk Transfer to follow along with Chet.

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