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Casablanca Foolproof Volume 2:  DVD Arabesk Version 4


Join Casablanca Expert Chet Davis as he teaches you to use the powerful options in DVD Arabesk 4.  You'll learn how to create chapter menus with motion stamps and interactive options. And Chet will teach you all about the additional options in the main menu as well as the additional settings in Arabesk 4.

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Topics covered:

  • Arabesk Assistant (its benefits & limitations)
  • All options in the Add Film menu
  • Editing Chapter Menus with all the options
  • Using Trailer Function in Main Menu
  • Editing Main Menu with Multiple Film Links
  • Motion and static Backgrounds and Buttons
  • Using Background-Stamp with pre-made DVD Menus
  • Using the Chapter & Main Menu DVD Menu Archives
  • Producing Mutil-angle Film with Arabesk & QuadCam
  • Duplicating Previous DVD Title with Arabesk Read DVD

- Click here to download the actual index card for Casablanca Foolproof Volume Two (DVD Authoring with Casablanca Arabesk 4) to review the specific chapters presented in this new resource http://www.casablancaexpert.com/downloads/20090707/download

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