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MacroSystem Bogart SE6 for Microsoft Windows 7, 8, & Vista


Finally easy to use video editing software on a PC; and still the fastest editor on the planet from project start to finish! Full weddings can be done in a day, and same day wedding edits are now a breeze on a laptop!!



But don't take our word for it, download and try it free for 30-days. It is only the $99 Bronze version, but it will give you a good idea how it will work on your PC. If you like it, contact one of our dealers for the unlock number for more features: http://macrosystem.us/Value_Added_Resellers.php The entry level Bronze version is only $99, or $79 for 2015 Casablanca Club Members. The Silver and Gold versions add more features, and are $199 and $399 respectively ($159 and $319 Club Members). The Gold Edition is the Pro version. Here is a list of the main features the Gold Edition has, which the other versions do not:

The Bogart 6.1 for Windows Gold Edition is the top of the line, and includes all the feature highlights listed below in the Gold, Silver, and Bronze versions (standard features too numerous to mention):

Two Monitor Mode

Audio scrubbing and envelope when trimming and splitting

Faster operation using the small trackball buttons

Multiple selection of items in the Storyboard and Scene Bin

Time code display in the professional format (hh:mm:ss:ff)

or can display the original time code of the camera

Automatic clip splitting options by time changes or camera start code

Import AVCHD by individual clips or one scene

Option to control brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma, and volume during import

Optional timeline editing with various options for video and audio

Audio waveform display and volume adjustment

Multiple options for previewing effects and the original clip side by side

Custom settings for length of effect

Automatic insertion and removal of effects

Editable lists of favorite effects for quick selection

Grouping of audio or video clips for group rendering

Smart Rendering in the background while you edit

Graphics with alpha channels are supported

The 21 x 9 format can be natively edited with optional Cinemascope add-on

Optional Progressive format editing as well as the standard Interlace format

Advanced clipboard: direct access to other projects, multiple clip selection,

 trimmed clip areas transfer, and improved 4x3 and 16 x 9 conversions

Select multiple scenes for copying, grouping, deleting, moving, swapping, and

exporting with the small left trackball button

Acceleration and deceleration possible with motion effects 

Bogart 6.1 for Windows Silver Edition includes all the features below in Silver and Bronze (if you buy this version, it will not include the Gold features above, but you can upgrade later):

Either single line or multiline scene bin display

Selectable size of clip stamps in scene bin and storyboard

Each clip stamps reference image is frame selectable

30 instead of 10 projects

Enhanced splitting and trimming with a display of 2 or 4 images

Basic Clipboard to exchange clips between projects

When scenes are used in storyboard they can be hidden in clip bin

Advanced options for titling, including graphics, text import, and text spacing

Archives for saving frequently used images / patterns / backgrounds

More options when generating a scene

Render the storyboard with one click in the edit menu

Advanced info button screens for clips

Project backup capability

6 audio tracks with preview of effects 

Import of free True Type Fonts for titling and menu design

Overlay logos, graphics, time code, date, and time on project output 

Bogart 6.1 for Windows Bronze features found in all versions (if you buy this version, it will not include the features above, but you can upgrade later):

30 day free basic edition for testing before purchase for $99

It contains all the features of all the versions and they can be activated with the unlock code

Mouse or Trackball control

3 Screen resolutions selectable (font and graphic size)

Can move the video and audio material to different internal drives

PC screens lack color saturation and can be boosted for more accurate representation of output

14 different languages to choose from including English

Add-on software programs can be installed

Can import and preview AVCHD from a USB removable disc

Titling with full screen display, multiple text panels, graphics integration, 3D, shadow, etc.

Control Image FX's: Sharpen, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Gamma, color correction, color depth, Movie Mode, Charcoal Drawing, Relief, Zoom, Etc.

Effect preview in real time

Single image preview of FX's to be rendered

Insert Editing: Inserting new video over existing video without changing audio

Special FX's for still, slow motion, fast motion, reverse, strobe playback of scenes

Clip bin scenes export as AVI files to USB drives with 3 quality levels

Scene generator for color bars, countdown, patterns, etc., with adjustable length

Title FX's: moving pages, fade / roll title, pages, scrolling, roll books over dazzling pages, etc.

Frame accurate trimming with 3 second preview of the in and out point

Restore UNDO function if you accidentally delete a clip in the scene bin

Transition effects with adjustable length: soft fade, circular aperture, double exposure, rectangle aperture, scale, pattern aperture, etc.

Audio envelope with a large display for precise volume adjustment of audio tracks

Audio import and export of MP3 tracks of different quality levels, and audio splitting

Noise generator: sine wave, camera clicking, toasting glasses, gong, etc. 

Volume of sound tracks can be customized and affect other tracks 


Here is all the information and links you should need to  get started with Bogart Bronze for Windows:

Here are the Installation Instructions, as well as an install video courtesy of one of our great  dealers Beth and Steve Klinger:

Video of Bogart 6.1  for Windows Installation

http://www.macrosystem.info/manuals/Bogart 6.1_Windows_Install_Guide.pdf

Here is the link to the small 140Mb download:


Once Bogart 6 for Windows is installed, here is a Quick Start Video to watch:


If you have trouble downloading and installing contact your Bogart Windows dealer below. If successful, within 30 days you will need to license one of the versions, if you want to keep using it. Call or email your dealer with the 9 digit serial number.  From the main Bogart Windows menu, click the Settings button. The Serial Number will be in the lower left corner of the settings screen, exactly where it has always been. If you do not have a dealer, here is a list of our dealers (the ones who have a (W) next to their name are the only ones authorized to sell Bogart for Windows products in the Americas, and it can not be purchased direct from us):


The manual has not finished German translation yet. It will be available for download when it does. But our software is the easiest there is, particularly if you already use it. After downloading and trying it for free, I am sure you will want to buy it. We have also setup a Bogart for Windows Section in the Casablanca Forum if you have any questions, comments, complaints, wish list, or tips. Here are all the known issues (mostly very small) from our fantastic MacroSystem Beta Team:



The more powerful the computer the better, but I do not want to scare you. It runs well on any PC made this decade, but it is best using a 4th generation Intel i3, i5 or i7 processor with Intel Quick Sync Video. When I say best, I mean less waiting for rendering, transcoding, imports and exports. Try it out for free on all your PCs, you'll be pleasantly surprised I think. Once you download it, just use Windows Explorer to drag and drop the install file onto a thumb drive, and then onto other PC's with the thumb drive.

We will begin shipping the MacroSystem PC Workstations and Laptops in February 2015, if you just want to wait for a turnkey system with MacroSystem warranty. Watch the Casablanca Bogart for Windows Forum for developing information. 


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