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MacroSystem Bogart 7.1 for Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, & 10



Last year we introduced Bogart for Windows, the fastest and easiest PC video editing software on the Planet! This year we have made the software much better, and have tweaked it for our brand new Generation 4 Casablanca 4 line of turn-key video editing systems. Now, introducing and shipping the Casablanca 4 Travel, Studio, and Studio Pro from MacroSystem. Here is the Studio Pro video demonstration from one of our Windows Certified Value Added Resellers (Joel Brooks, MIT Video Production): http://www.macrosystem.us/Casablanca_4_Studio_Pro.php


We began shipping the New Casablanca 4 Studio Models 7/10/15, and they are available exclusively from our authorized Bogart for Windows Value Added Resellers (VAR), who have been using the Bogart Windows software for 12 months on their own computers.  Here are the Bogart 7 for Windows VARs highlighted in yellow, as well as links to the models and prices (including trade-ins):




Many of the Casablanca 4 Dealer Demo units shipped last week. I suppose it is possible to find a PC wizard to build something comparable to the Casablanca 4’s performance, but I doubt it.  After 20 plus years of doing nothing but designing and building the easiest and quickest video edit systems on the planet, our German engineers cannot be beaten. The Bogart 7 for Windows software was written specifically for our Casablanca 4 turn-key systems, and it works right out of the box. Maybe you will pay a little more for the seemless integration of hardware and software, but your experience and productivity will be vastly enhanced!

All 4 New Models come turn-key with the Intel Quick Sync Video Smart Booster activated, which really speeds up laborious tasks like Blu-Ray disc creation, and 4K, UHD, and 2K HD file exports.  If you try to save a few bucks with a PC builder, make sure they guarantee in writing they can activate Intel Quick Sync Video, which activates Smart Booster Technology in only our Bogart 7 Windows Gold Edition. This is not important if you plan to stay in the standard definition format, but for Full 2K HD or higher, you are going to want it.

There are so many new features, advantages, and benefits in the new Bogart Windows 7 Software, we can only give the highlights here. The software now supports so many hardware peripherals, let's start there:

  • Of course our new Casablanca 4 Travel, Touch, Studio Pro, and Studio Turn-key Video Editing Workstations are custom designed for optimal hardware performance with internal and external edit hard drives, optical disc drives, media card reader/writer, USB 3.0 in/outputs, and DV or HDV in/output board. Here is a comparison of the 4 New Models:


  • If your PC has some of these hardware items, they are usually recognized by our software, but you still want to make sure before you buy. That is why we have the 30-day free trial period, so you can make sure all your hardware is recognized and works well. 



  • Bogart Windows 7 SW now supports most internal CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Drives on most systems; we have successfully tested it with the external compact usb LG BP40 & LG WP40 DVD & Blu-Ray burners, and those work on our standalones, PC, MAC, and come with a nice SW suite from Cyberlink. Bogart 7 for Windows SW also supports firewire if your PC has a DV board (not many do). Our Casablanca 4 Studios have two 6-Pin Firewire in/outputs, which means you can capture DV and HDV tape; and with the optional Grass Valley ADVC-110 analog to digital video converter, you can capture Composite Video and S-Video too.
  • All four of our new Casablanca 4 Systems include the Bogart 7 Gold Edition with Smart Booster Technology, which combined with the latest Intel Video Quick Sync Video processors, extremely accelerates the data intensive process of Blu-ray burning and HD, UHD, and 4K file exports to all your favorite hard drives, devices, and websites.  For PC builders to utilize these time saving speed tools, you need the Bogart 7 Gold Edition, and an Intel processor with Intel Quick Sync Video.  If you have an Intel 4th generation i3, i5, or i7 processor or higher, it should have Quick Sync. But we have found that activating Quick Sync Video is not easy or quick. The Internet is alive with all kinds of confusing info about activation with a multitude of hardware configurations. But if you only do SD or enhanced HD formats, you will not need all this processing power.
  • Not only does Bogart 7 for Windows add Full HD 60 frames per second progressive 2K editing for the first time in our line, but it also adds Ultra-HD, 4K, and 24 frames per second progressive 4K for you movie makers.  Technically, "Ultra High Definition" is a derivitive of the 4K digital cinema standard. However while your local multiplex shows images in native 4096 x 2160 4K resolution, the new Ultra HD consumer format has a slightly lower resolution of 3840 X 2160. Not to worry, the sub 1000 dollar Sony Ax33 does both formats, and so does Bogart for Windows 7!

  • For you wedding guys, Bogart 7 Gold has a feature that would allow you to replace the photographer with over 8 Megapixel UHD video frame grabs. If you shoot Ultra HD, it is 3840 x 2160 resolution = (8.29MP). With the OPT button you can select a single frame grab, but now you can select any video scene in the clip bin, and then a few clicks later it has saved 60 Hi-Rez 8Mb jpeg stills per second. A 60 minute scene of UHD video would create (216,000) 8 megapixel jpegs automatically with a few clicks. I can think of many applications for this new feature. Any wedding party could scroll through all the photos and pick the best ones to blow up or whatever they wanted to do with them.   Bogart 7 and the new Quick Photo SW supports this high resolution, so you can really annimate a large zoom in without losing picture clarity.               

  • Imports are vastly improved too. In the past if you didn’t know what format the video was shot in, and set the project to the wrong format, when importing it would say “Slow Scaling”. This meant your video was being converted very slowly to your project setting format. With the new Bogart 7 SW Import menu, it will tell you have a format mismatch, and give you an oportunity to change your project setting before import.                                                                                                                               

  • With the Bogart 7 for Windows Gold Edition, you can video edit on unlimited external USB hard drives. 


For everyone who makes their living editing video, they should go straight to the Bogart 7 Gold Edition with all the features, advantages and benefits. Chet Davis, who is the Casablanca Expert, did a webinar on Bogart 7 Windows Saturday, June 13, 2015, and he agrees with us. You can stream it here: 


Chet has had our new Casablanca 4 Studio Pro with Bogart 7 Gold for Windows for 3 months and just completed a 7 hour Bogart 7 Windows Intensive online tutorial. It is for sale on his website, but it is also included when you buy Bogart 7 for Windows Gold or Silver from one of our Windows Dealers. Here are Chet's Top 10 questions and answers about Bogart 7 for Windows:


We were a guest on Chet's Webinar about the new Casablanca 4 Models (8/15/15 ). We also talked about the Software only solutions, and the trouble most people are having activating the hardware acceleration, which turns on Smart Booster Technology. We are trying to figure it out, but at this time we do not recommend the SW only solution if you want to do 2K or 4K quickly. Of course the new models all come with Smart Booster active from Germany, if you need something today. Here is the Casablanca Expert's Webinar:   


Here is a video and text on how to download and install Bogart 7 Windows:

Video of Bogart for Windows Installation

http://www.macrosystem.info/manuals/Bogart 7.1_Windows_Install_Guide.pdf

You can download Bogart 7.1 and try it for free right now:


Here are all the Bogart Windows add-ons released from US Beta Testing:



Once Bogart 7.1 for Windows is installed, here is a Quick Start Video to watch:



If you have trouble downloading and installing contact your Bogart Windows dealer below. After thoroughly testing your hardware with the basic Bronze 30-day free trial, you will need to license one of the Bronze, Silver, or Gold Editions. The Silver license number unlocks more features than Bronze, and the Gold license number unlocks even more. Call or email your dealer with the 9 digit serial number.  From the main Bogart Windows menu, click the Settings button. The Serial Number will be in the lower left corner of the settings screen, exactly where it has always been. If you do not have a dealer, here is a list of our dealers (the ones who have a (W) next to their name are the only ones authorized to sell Bogart for Windows products in the Americas


We have  setup a Bogart for Windows Section in the Casablanca Forum if you have any questions, comments, complaints, wish list, or tips. 


Here are all the known issues (not many or big!) from our fantastic MacroSystem Beta Team, led by the old-timer Justin Philpott:


If you want to try the SW on your PC, definately try the 30-day trial before buying the SW. The more powerful the computer the better, but I do not want to scare you. It runs well on any PC made this decade, but it is best using a 4th or 5th generation Intel i3, i5 or i7 processor with Intel Quick Sync Video. When I say best, I mean less waiting for Disc transcoding, and file exports when doing HD, Ultra-HD, and 4K. You also need at least 4MB of Ram. DV card if doing DV tape, and optional analog to digital converter if doing analog tape. The Windows Media Center Pro Pack as well as Bogart 7 Gold for Windows.

And here is the current price list with info about the Bogart Trade-in Program:




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