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AnimX Wedding - Bogart Only
AnimX Wedding is a new series of themed animations perfect for wedding videos. AnimX Wedding uses a large number of high-quality, animated objects and backgrounds which can be placed in different sizes (similar to masks) anywhere on the video.  These effects can be located in the Image Pool:
rings.jpeg   animations.jpeg   lower_thirds.jpeg

AnimX Wedding lower thirds: 18 animations
AnimX Wedding objects: 53 animations
AnimX Wedding rings: 29 animations

Using the Image Pool, the animations from AnimX Wedding can be given different variations. You have the options to change elements like brightness, color, alpha, etc. These controls make it ideal for developing creative titles and unique backgrounds. AnimX Wedding can be found in the Image Processing menu or in the Edit menu under Special and will run on Bogart SE version 1.3/2.0 or higher. Note: An animated preview in the Image Pool will not be available until a future update of Bogart version 5.  

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