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Worship Series


Worship 1 - enLighten

20 motion backdrops sure to enlighten your service.


Worship 2 - Looking Up

20 heavenly clips to captivate your congregation.



Worship 3 - Fluid Moods

20 easy-flowing backgrounds to enhance your message.


Worship 4 - River of Fire

20 fire animations when you must depict the symbol of fire.


Worship 5 - Countdowns

13 countdowns to create anticipation.

**Because of the nature of this product, (long 5-10 clips), there are no AVIs available. It does play in a DVD player for footage capture.


Worship 6 - Holidays

20 motion backdrops to give life to your holiday services.


Worship 7 - Sacred Rock

20 rock solid clips sure to enhance your message.


Worship 8 - Soft Blends

20 subtle, soft background videos perfect for song lyrics.


Worship 9 - Holidays

20 motion backgrounds for Easter and other spring & summer holidays.


Worship 10 - All Easter

20 powerful motion loops all for Easter.


Worship 11 - Mountains Majesty

20 majestic mountain scenes shot in HD, perfect for song lyrics and scripture.


Worship 12 - Shining Sea

20 beautiful ocean scenes shot in HD, perfect for song lyrics and scripture.


Worship 13 - Garden Collection

15 motion clips that capture the beauty of a spring garden.


Worship 14 - SoftBlends II

20 soft blending motion clips perfect for song lyrics

   Product Features:
    •    100% Royalty-free
    •    Professional quality
    •    Loop seamlessly
    •    Guaranteed compatibility
    •    Descriptively named for easy reference
    •    Includes MPEG 1, and AVI files
    •    DVD-Video
    •    Available on DVD only



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