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Title Studio Tutorials

In the Titling menu, add the Title Studio effect to the Storyboard and then go into Title Studio. The default title with the brown background and "Macrosystem Title-Studio" on the one box and one page.

1. Under the Box section, go to "Edit", then "Background".
2. Click on the small color box to choose Color for the background. Then go into the large Color box and set the "Alpha" to 0%. Click OK to close Color box Click OK to close Edit Background.
3. Under "Size" in the Edit Box menu, set the size to "Maximum".
4. Click on the "TE" button to go to main Title Studio menu.
5. Click the "delete active line" twice to remove both lines of text.
6. Under "Style" choose what font you want to be your default. Set the style you want and size. (i.e. We chose from the Group list "Border". With a simple white font and black border.) Click "TE" to go back. Then set the size.
7. Go to "Pages" and "Archive".
8. Choose "Save"and name it something like "Blank". There are already a couple of "default" ones listed in there that are part of the Title Studio's software, so we're leaving them alone. Click OK to Save it.
9. Click "TE" to return to main Title Studio menu.
10. You should see now the Max size border of the blank box with the cursor waiting for you.
11. Click OK and exit the program.
12. On the Storyboard, remove the Title Effect and then Re-Add it.
Now when you go into the title, it should start out with this blank page. In the future, if you accidentally load up the wrong default, your "blank" will be in the Archives.

Note: With Title Studio, loaded pages from Archives ADD to the current pages. They don't overwrite them. So you'll need to "Load" you archived page and then "Delete" any of the other pages if you just want to have the blank page as page 1 of 1.

Sometimes on longer lines of text, the line may vanish after you minimize the box size. What you are seeing is a result of the default margin settings being just a hair too wide. It's minimizing the box, but buffering a little too wide for how close the box border minimizes around the letters. The "Margins" sliders on Title Studio, set how tight the border of the box wraps around the letters. They default to "5". So if you minimize the box on a fairly long line, it might seem to disappear after the command. To help reduce this, on the main menu of Title Studio, go to the Box "Edit" menu. Here you will find the section for "Margins". There will be sliders for "Left", "Right", "Top", and "Bottom". Try setting your Box Margins for "2". Then go back into "Size", "Maximize" the size to reset, then re-minimize the box with the "Minimize" button. The box border should wrap around your lines a little better. In some cases, if you set the Margin sliders to "0" or maybe "1", the box might cut off shadows or text borders when the box edges come in too close to the letters. You can try the different Margin numbers out and see which works best for you and the line of text you are working with.  

Additional note: The manual covers this in section 8.3, but the heading of this paragraph is labeled "Border" instead of "Margins".


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