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Title Studio is a new design program for titling, which replaces the standard titler within Bogart. Title Studio is, of course, HD-capable and provides many creative options. Thanks to Title Studio, you have at your disposal not only the current possibilities, but also a great many extra useful and helpful functions that have been developed in large part to accommodate the wishes of users.

You can individually format any letters of a line. A large selection of predefined styles is already included. In addition, you can also continue to format the letters using the usual functions. This way, you can give your text a surface structure and edged borders. There is a large library of structures for designing texts and backgrounds for tables. Individually created styles can be stored and are easy to find again thanks to a sample image in the styles archive. Title Studio shows you in its menu what you will see after the title has been calculated. This is called WYSIWYG, except when entering a moving text. All common text formatting is also supported.

Fully integrated into the system environment.


-About 100 pre-defined styles included, and nearly endless possibilities to create your own styles. 

-About 300 different materials and patterns for designing your own styles. 

-All tracks now in perfect full HD quality. 

-WYSIWYG editor. 

-Each letter can have its own font and style. 
-Character spacing, character width, and font size are adjustable for each letter. 

-The line spacing is set separately for each line.
-Justified text is supported.
-Text alignment (left, center, right, block) is individually adjustable for each row. 

-Two different users layouts, depending on monitor mode.


Main menu from the title-Studio


-Any number of pages can be created, the pages can later be sorted.
-Pages can be copied. 

-Pages can be archived to use them in any other projects.

Text boxes

-Any number of boxes per page can be created. 

-The sides are adjustable. 

-The text can be centered and aligned to the bottom of the box; the box border margins are adjustable. 

-Boxes can be subsequently moved in front or behind other boxes. 

-A box can be archived for use in any other projects. 

-The shadow of the text can be arbitrarily set for each box.

Font style

-Each letter style may be changed individually i.e. font / size, surface area (color, pattern, etc.), overlays (punch-outs), border, bevel, 3D, and outline.

TitleStudio3.jpg TitleStudio4.jpg

Over 100 pre-defined styles and create almost endless possibilities own styles.

-We highly recommend testing this product out before purchasing it. You may be quite used to the old titler at this point and take a little adjusting in getting to know the new lay out. You can use Title Studio in a demo mode on your system. This is when you activate the program in the Settings menu under "Install Product" and don't have a license code. The system will allow you to try the program out in a demo mode. Whether Title Studio is active or put in a demo mode, it becomes the dominant titling program. The old titler will essentially be hidden unless you had some effects using the old titler still placed on a scene in the storyboard. When you go to the main Titling menu, you will be able to tell that Title Studio is in use. At the bottom where it says "Enter Edit Text", it will be followed by "(Title Studio)". If you want to go back to the original titler, then simply go back to the Settings menu and click on "Install Product". Then select "Title Studio" in the list and click on "hide" to hide it. The system will then revert back to the original titler (except for any remaining title filters still on the storyboard that used the Title Studio program).

-Use patience when first starting. If no menu screen appears after major changes to the line or box of text; wait a second or two for it to load. It will then appear. (I.e. using the "Save" button to create a new Font Group, may require a very brief delay).

-Click Here to view a preview of the Title Studio program. (9 minutes)

-Click Here for a few Title Studio tutorials.

System requirements:

Bogart SE v3.2

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