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Steady Hand

Have you ever been annoyed by totally shaky scenes that you would have liked to have used if only they were not so jittery?  Many cameras are already equipped with image stabilizing functions, however, they can only really cope with relatively low jitter in a horizontal or vertical direction.

"Steady Hand" can handle more than that. You can use "Steady Hand" to stabilize your video footage in four dimensions.  You can even stabilize very shaky scenes regardless of whether you previously used the camera's image stabilization feature or not.
Jittery rotational movements are detected and smoothed out just as impressively as simple camera shake - that is the sort of power "Steady Hand" provides that no standard camcorder can match.  Sometimes the very sensitive zoom controls on your camera are just too difficult to handle smoothly in certain situations – and that is where "Steady Hand" comes into play. Rapid changes in the speed of the zoom process can be smoothed out.

If you want to remove the camera shake from a scene, it is necessary to zoom into the scene a little. The amount you need to zoom  generally depends on the level of camera shake.

(Steady Hand can not be used in "progressive" and "HDV" projects.)

Software requirements:
Avio / Kron: System-Software 1.8a


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