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S-2000 Technical data


Processor: Intel Dual Core E5200

RAM: 1024 MB

Hard-drive storage: 500 GB

Optical drive: 18-speed Double Layer DVD burner (optionally Blu-ray burner)

Graphics: Single or dual monitor suite. TV connection via either DVI/HDMI or SCART.


Video and audio

Supported formats: VHS, S-VHS, D8, DV, HDV, AVCHD

Video modes: PAL/NTSC, 720p, 1080i, various VGA modes

Audio: 3 stereo tracks (6 with optional Pro Pack), 48 kHz



Front: DV, S-video, CVBS, stereo audio, USB

Back: DVI, HDMI, SCART, DV, S-video, CVBS, stereo audio, microphone, DVI-I (VGA), network, USB*



Measurements: WHD 440x176x365 mm


Weight: app. 10 kg


* Partially multiple connections


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