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Using the Photo-Transfersoftware, you can import photos from photo-smartmedia cards into your Casablanca. Exporting stills from a scene is possible too.

This is a very easy way to include snapshots from your digital camera to your video project.

If you save a still from any video scene to the smartmedia-card, you can transfer it to any device which supports this (camera, computer, photo-printer, ...). The image quality can be controlled in several steps.


Photo-Transfer Version 1.8 (only for Bogart SE)
This update contains a multiple selection of images during photo import from a storage medium. This update is only compatible with Bogart SE systems.

Photo-Transfer Version 1.7a (only for Bogart SE)
This version can only be installed on Bogart SE. Version 1.6c will be installed on Smart Edit systems.
This version was created to solve installation problems that could occur if the user previously accidentaly installed V1.6c on his Bogart SE system.

Photo-Transfer Version 1.7 (only for Bogart SE)
The most important changes, improvements since version 1.6 (dated 02.03.2005) are listed below. Please note that apart from these items, there have also been smaller fixes and minor changes that may not be mentioned specifically in this list.

  • Compatible with Bogart SE.
  • Support improved for external card readers
  • import and export for high-resolution projects (HDV, AVCHD)
  • import and export now also possible in conjunction with Firewire hard-drives
  • preview is displayed in the correct aspect ratio

Photo-Transfer 1.7 requires at least Bogart SE 1.1. It is not compatible with older versions.
The update is free of charge for owners of the product (licence code).

On a Bogart SE system the "Card-Drive" software is not required anymore to support USB-photo devices.

Photo-Transfer V1.6c (requires at least Smart Edit 2.5)

  • This free update contains additinal translations (BeNeLux/French/Dutch)

Photo-Transfer V1.6a (requires at least Smart Edit 2.5)

  • This free update fixes a minor bug concerning the export of images.

Photo-Transfer V1.6 (requires at least Smart Edit 2.5)

  • Supports further card readers

Photo-Transfer V1.5a

  • Supports system software v1.10

Photo-Transfer V1.5

  • Supports the Card Drive (Multicardreader, former "6in1") (with SMART EDIT)
  • Increased reading speed of the stamps
  • Higher preview quality
  • Higher import quality
  • Imported images can be used in full resolution by other programs like Caladan
  • Minor bug-fixes have been made

Photo-Transfer V1.3

The new features in short:

  • Improved loading routines for handling previously incompatible pictures
  • Pictures are imported in the correct aspect ratio and support for 16:9 scenes has been added
  • An additional option for rotating the picture is included
  • The requester has been designed in Smart Edit style
  • Multiple photos can now be imported in one g

Please note: Casablanca only supports smartmedia-cards with 3,3V and a max. capacity of 32 MByte (SMART EDIT: up to 128 MByte).


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