Match Exact Phrase    


This package contains 350 patterns, 5 masks and the Image Processing effect "PatternX".
The "PatternX" effect is used to apply the included masks, or any other masks installed from other products, anywhere on a scene. The mask is then filled out with one of the 350 included patterns.


You can create individual text panels for your titles for instance.

All graphics can be coloured as you desire using the ImagePool.

The combination of the included and available masks and graphics allows you to make an almost endless number of images for use with SD and HD video scenes.

musterx11.jpg          musterx31.jpg

musterx41.jpg          musterx21.jpg

The graphics and the masks have been created specifically with titles in mind and are therefore ideal for scrolling texts over these backgrounds for example.

All images from "PatternX" can also be used with other software packages, such as PIP-Studio, Motion 3D, Caladan or Akaba. You can find the graphics in the ImagePool, under the "PatternX" product, filed under "Polychromatic".

The graphics have been created by GoGrafiX. The product comes with an on-screen documentation.

System requirements:
Bogart SE

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