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PiP-Studio / PiP-Studio 2

The PiP effect (picture in picture) is very popular. The product PiP-Studio is based on its functions.

You can place one scene on top of another scene. You can select different shapes, borders or shadows. Let your scene fly, zoom or fade in and out.

Of course, PiP-Studio uses the well known and easy Casablanca user-interface.

  • various shapes (rectangle, circle, heart, star, ...)
  • select any size
  • select any position
  • change the border in size and color
  • change the drop-shadow in size and direction
  • independant transparency of picture, border and shadow
  • pre-defined effects
  • freely editable movement and transparancy for IN and OUT effect (spline interpolated)



(This program can't be used in VGA-one monitor mode.)

PiP-Studio Version 2.0 (only for Bogart SE)
As already suggested by the product version, the new Bogart SE adaptation also contains a number of further improvements.

The new functions of PiP-Studio 2:
• Compatible with Bogart SE
• Supports all available video, VGA and DVI screens
• High-resolution rendering of HD-Projects (HDV, AVCHD)
• Correct Aspect Ratio support for 4:3 and 16:9 projects and screens
• All changes can be viewed live anytime (no longer a simplified display)
• Shapes can now be selected directly from the Imagepool (more options, expandable)
• All important shapes available in 4:3 and 16:9 ratio (until now only 4:3)
• Additional implementation as image processing effect and special effect (until now only usable as
a pseudo transition effect)
• Choose one or two PiPs in front of any scene (2 PiPs were until now only possible in front of a
still picture)
• Up to 25 waypoints for each PiP (until now max. 10)

The new version requires an update fee.




A printed manual is available for this product!


 Watch a Quicktime video for PiP-Studio (3,7 MB).

Software requirements:
Avio / Kron: System-Software 1.8
Bogart SE


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