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Magic Lights / Magic Lights 

This collection of effects has everything to do with light, lighting and brightness.
Illuminate your scenes, switch on a simple spotlight, make colored lights move across the picture or insert flashes or lens reflexes.
A special image-oriented gamma correction optimizes the contrast of your recordings.
You can also create beautiful effects using various transition effects. These kinds of image content oriented effects are now available on the Casablanca for the very first time.
A whole component in this package is dedicated to an effect known as "Volumetric Light" – you'll be amazed at the fascinating world of options provided by these effects.

Magic Lights 2 offers the same effects (plus one bonus effect) as Magic Lights. The software can be used in  both in SD and HD projects. Magic Lights 2 can be installed on Smart Edit and in Bogart SE systems. Users of the Magic Lights software can purchase Magic Lights 2 at an update price.


"Volumetric Lights" add a totally new brilliance to your titles.


Position up to three (colored) light sources and then make them move across the screen. Highlight objects using spotlights. Create stunning lense flare effects.

A printed manual is available for this product.


 Watch a Quicktime video for Magic Lights (3,4 MB).

Software requirements Magic Lights:
Avio / Kron: System-Software 1.9

Software requirements Magic Lights 2:
Avio / Kron: System-Software 1.9
Bogart SE


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