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Liquid Images
  • 25 transitions
  • hight image quality due to complex rendering
  • variable settings for every effect
  • select any color
  • different 3d-surfaces
  • light- and glow-effects
  • for all Casablanca systems

Liquid-Images offers some effects, you have not seen on Casablanca before. They might be compared to the Video-Spicerack effects, but they use a much more complex rendering comparable to that used by Candy-Factory.

This set includes 25 different effects (masks), which can be modified using their various options. So one effect may look totally different just by changing some of its options.  If you use a Casablanca Avio, Prestige or Kron and have installed other products which use masks, you can use all the masks within all the products.

Because rendering of such effects is very complicated, the rendering times are rather high. But you will be satisfied by the outstanding results.

Liquid-Images on Casablanca I requires at least the system software 3.0 and 32 MBytes of memory. With Casablanca Avio, 64 MByte RAM are required.



 Watch a Quicktime video for Liquid Images (1,4 MB).


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