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HD-Backup Bogart/Galileo


Save projects (Backup): This allows you to save your entire project data on a storage medium.

Restore projects (Restore): Previously saved projects can be loaded using this function. This overwrites the project data on your work hard-drive.

Delete backup: Deletes a backup from a storage medium.

A backup can be saved on different storage mediums. You can use an external Firewire or USB hard-drive, or another USB medium. It is not possible to burn a backup to CD/DVD. A backup always saves all projects in one go. Archiving single projects is therefore not possible. A backup saves all relevant project data. This does not contain the system data, the editing software or any archive entries (colours, text, etc.). For archives themselves, there is a separate function in the System Settings called "Save/restore archives".

A backup stores the project data file-wise, which means that you require less space on your external destination medium than on the hard-drive in your Casablanca system. In practice, this means that you can use an external backup medium that is smaller than the total capacity of your Bogart SE system hard-drive. In addition, it is possible to store multiple projects on a backup medium until the capacity is used up.

Note: Restoring a Smart Edit backup is not possible, nor restoring a Bogart backup using Smart Edit.

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Galileo is a backup software program for the Media Manager. It will allow you to backup and restore your films, music, and photos to an external device.

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