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Echo CD and DVD Duplicators


Need to make multiple copies of your DVDs while still editing on your Casablanca?

Then you need an Echo!

Copy DVDs on the Echo 1-to-3, 1-to-5, 1-to7, 1-to-9 or 1-to-11 at a time with the easy-to-use Echo tower duplicator series.

-Supports DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, DVD RAM, DVD+/-R Dual Layer, CD-R, CD-RW blank media standards. Like all other duplicators, these units will not duplicate protected/copyrighted movies.

- Echos are now standard with a 500GB HDD.

-"Dynamic" hard drive partition system saves HDD space by creating partitions according to the image size. This feature allows the user to add partitions until the HDD is full.

- High speed Sony NEC Optiarc SATA Burners allow a full 4.7GB DVD (-) or (+) disc to be copied in just 9 minutes.

- LCD screen displays burn progress and diagnostics.

- Easy to use stand-alone design requires no computer or computer knowledge to operate

- Advanced features such as Test, Pre-Scan, Compare, Verify, and Test & Copy insure consistent, quality results.

- Fully tested before shipping.

- All units come with a Full 1-year warranty on Parts and Labor.

Echo CD DVD Duplicator Value Edition

We have a new, more affordable Echo 1 to 4 Value Edition DVD/CD duplicator. This unit does not include an internal hard drive.

This duplicator is a great way for you to make multiple copies of finished projects while allowing you to continue other project/work on their Casablanca editor at a breakthrough price.

To purchase an Echo, contact your local Casablanca dealer or email us at info@macrosystem.us.

One year from ship date on all parts.
Lifetime labor and technical support.
The customer pays return freight on RMA and repairs,
Warranty pays freight back to the customer on claims covered under warranty.
Every ECHO machine ever sold is still covered for free labor and technical support.

ECHO Quality:
The ECHO duplicator line is designed with components that offer the most durability, reliability and serviceability.

The all steel case construction eliminates issues with broken plastic bezels. This feature is very important to customers that travel with their duplicator. The power supply in this heavy duty case is matched to the maximum application for the case.

The Athena controller is very user friendly. The LED interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate. Athena controllers offer features and flexibility that are more usable because they are easy to understand. (Why have a HDD if you can't figure out or remember how to use it.) The Athena controller has required very few firmware upgrades. Upgrades are easy to accomplish by the end user. This controller was designed for the U.S market. The user manual is well written by technical writers with English as a first language.

Optiarc DVD burners are a Sony/NEC product that have been chosen for the ECHO duplicator line for a number important reasons. First the Optiarc burners have proven to be highly reliable with a long life cycle. Compatibility issues with the various media manufactures have all but disappeared. The Optiarc line has seen the fewest number of model changes. (This is important because it reduces the number of firmware upgrades needed to the burners and to the controller.) The supply line for this product has been much more reliable than the rest of the market. *Standard DVD units only.

The ASUS DVD ROM is the choice for most all DVD duplicators because of the superior speed and reliability. *Standard DVD units only.

Hitachi HDDs are hands down the most reliable and most compatible for use with duplication systems.

Overall, the ECHO system components cost only slightly more and delivers a superior product.


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