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Digital Hotcakes Series

Click on individual volumes to see samples of backgrounds included in each.


Vol 1 - Animated Backdrops

42 useful video animations to add network quality flair.


Vol 2 - Organic Backdrops

84 visually stunning shape-shifting background videos.


Vol 3 - Animated Skydrops

50 incredibly realistic skies that come alive


  Vol 4 - Animated Aquadrops 

36 amazing water animations that all loop seamlessly.


Vol 5 - Pryomations

56 highly combustible overlay animations.


Vol 6 - AcidDrops

36 eye-blasting backgrounds to stimulate your video.


  Vol 7 - Grids & Grunge 

40 looping animations for hip design.


Vol A - AlphaMattes

32 crystal clear overlay animations for compositing.


Hotcakes Grand Slam

This affordable package includes the first eight volumes all in one convenient-to-use binder.  That’s a whopping total of 376 motion backgrounds in all.


 Vol 9 - Film FX

42 useful animations to easily give your video an aged look.

vol10packS2.jpg   nnew13.gif

Vol 10 - Globes

75 globe elements to add a network quality flair.

Product Features:

   •    100% Royalty-free
    •    Professional quality
    •    Multiply file formats included
    •    Guaranteed compatible with all video editing systems
    •    No conversion software required
    •    Animations descriptively named for easy reference
    •    Printed thumbnail guide
    •    Available on DATA DVD in NTSC or PAL
    •    Loop seamlessly*

    * Animations on Vol A do not loop



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