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Filming footage with a tripod is still the first choice among videographers -- however, there are always cases in which you have to do without. The result is often unwanted shaking and movement. Deshaker is the best possible solution for steady pictures.




Deshaker is capable of evening out unwanted movements in your footage. The program's special feature is the ability to fill out the edges that are created by other similar programs, resulting from the processing. This makes the often used "zoom in" technique redundant. There are two key advantages to using the Deshaker:
- Practically no loss of image content
- Best possible image quality, even with HD footage


Another Deshaker strength is using it for (wanted) camera movements and pans. Using this software is therefore not just limited to certain contents and can be applied to any video with the right settings.


The result is a greatly stabilized and high quality picture as you would expect from a tripod recording. The Deshaker is the essential tool for free-hands video filming.


Deshaker is compatible with all Casablanca models running the Bogart SE editing software. Users of Steady Hand qualify for the lower update price.


-We recommend that you try the program out in the Demo mode before you purchase it.


-The Deshaker software is found in the "Special" in the main Edit menu. It cannot be used with Smart Rendering. If this function is active, the effect won't build.


-There is no printed manual for the program. Please use the "I" or Information button to get on screen descriptions about each mode.


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System requirements:
Bogart SE for Linux and Windows

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