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Columbus 3 Expansion packs - Bogart Only

These various programs contain objects and sights of interest in different cities and countries. There is also software that is all airlines and airplanes. These products have numerous choices and can be used along with the Columbus 3 program as key or head objects. All packages can be installed and viewed in a demo mode within the Columbus 3 menus.

In the package 'Columbus 3 Airplanes and Airlines' many types of aircraft and airlines are included. You'll find well-known airplane lines like current Boeing or the large airbus A380 in the list. In addition, smaller types of aircraft such as Cessna, Piper, or the Learjet are also included! All objects are high-quality and can be changed and turned in size, so that the spectator receives an optimal view of the object.


The new object of interest packages 'Sights of Europe', 'Sights of North America' and 'Sights of Asia' include a comprehensive collection of the most well-known buildings and objects of interest in major cities throughout the continent. These sights are realistically textured as 3D-Objects. The objects can be changed and turned in size, so that the spectator receives an optimal view of the object. Add these impressive sights that show your journey and experiences to your animated maps to enhance your travel films.


Software requirements:
Bogart 2; Columbus 3


Special Note: The objects in these new packs contain images that are not copyright free.  So the intention of these items are for personal projects unless you get permission to use them in any large public/profit productions.  A license agreement menu will appear that you must accept and checkmark that explains this before you can activate the product.  The program can still be used in demo mode without this completing this agreement menu.

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