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Columbus 2 & 3 Expansion packs

"Places of interest"

This objects pack contains a comprehensive collection of the most well known buildings and touristic attractions of the world. Among them, representatives of modern architecture like the beatiful opera of Sydney, mythological object such as the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen and also buildings of historical importance like the Sphinx and the Colusseum in Rome. Ideal for travellers and globetrotters. Those who travel to New York will not want to miss the Statue of Liberty, in Washington it is the White House and in London the Big Ben. Are you ready for your next tour?



Objects "Travelling and more" 

This package expands on Columbus 2 not only with vehices, such as caravans, cruisers, ferryboats, different airplanes and airlines, but also with many other objects one finds when travelling, such as a petrol-station, restaurant, hotel, tower, radar station and many more. Additionally there are more personal object from the field of tourism. A well balanced add-on for the ambitious travel-movie producer.



Objects "Flags" 

Expand your Columbus 2 with this object pack and design you videos to be even more creative and professional. Mark your route by using the respective country flags and illustrate the countries you cross during your tour to the viewer. This package contains 247 flags from all over the world, that can be combined with 22 different 3D flag objects. 12 of these objects are static and 10 are animated.


Software requirements:
SMART EDIT 3.1, 4.x
256 MB RAM
Columbus 2.2


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