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Columbus 2 & 3

Columbus 2 is the enhanced new version of the popular and well-known travel route program Columbus.  Columbus 3 is the Bogart only version of this software.



Version 2 contains many improvements. This includes:

  • Many new head and key objects (total of 123 obejcts), organised in groups and with more detail.

  • Some objects are animated and make for a more professional result.

  • Up to 250 stop/key frames.

  • Compatible with hi-resolution maps.

  • Comes with 123 hi-res "Columbus 2" and 18 "BIG-Maps Bonus" maps. Some maps partially contain borders and/or city names.

  • Larger maps can be panned/scrolled to improve the visibility.

  • Zoom function for close ups of maps.

  • Head objects can be replaced any time during a route.

  • Rendering quality can be determined.

  • The way/path can be drawn from the beginning, prior to the animation.

A printed manual is available for this program.



Watch a videoclip for Columbus 2 (6,7 MB, Quicktime format)

Columbus 2 can only be installed from CD (due to the size of the program) !!!

Columbus 2 Software requirements:
SMART EDIT 3.1, 4.x
256 MB RAM

Columbus 3 Software requirements:

Bogart 2.4c or higher


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