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Columbus is a software program with a varied and multi-faceted are of use. Above all, it serves the purpose of illustrating travelling routes on road and city maps. Simply film a map and play it back in your Casablanca as a scene. Now use Columbus to create a route directly on this map.


The routes can be animated and created in variable ways. Key-frames can be used to define the route from any starting point to any end point.
Determine the speed of the route "drawing", change the brush color and width, or create stop-points and label these with city names for instance. Use the included 3D objects (eg. cars, airplanes, arrows, pencils,...) to draw the route. If you intend to add stop-points to your route, Columbus can be used to automatically create multiple part-scenes when rendering. These can be used in conjunction with the included special effects. The special effects inside Columbus can - as opposed to the standard effects - be applied to a position on the screen (eg. a stop-point on the map), from which the following video scene is zoomed, rotated or faded in.
The days when you had to deal with maps, felt-tip pens and other tricks are now, thanks to Columbus,  numbered. Columbus is based on the wishes and suggestions of our customers.
Columbus includes several predefined maps.
Be creative and use the many settings of Columbus - it's totally easy to create your own individual route!
A printed manual is available for this product.


 Watch a Quicktime video for Columbus (1,6 MB).

(This program can't be used in VGA-one monitor mode.)

Software requirements:
Avio / Kron: System-Software 1.9


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