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The Cinemascope product allows you to edit your video footage in the Cinemascope format.  The aspect ratio of the video is therefore 21:9 (2,35:1) and not 16:9.

The Cinemascope function should be used if you are working on footage recorded in the Cinemascope format. Such footage can be recorded using a special camera or a suitable lens.

Project settings:

In the project settings menu you can make changes to the setting of the project. Activate the new option “16:9 as 21:9” found in the “information” panel by placing a mark in the box. Doing this will make the system treat a 16:9 project as a Cinemascope one. Removing the tick (deactivating the option), will revert to 16:9 format.

It is not possible to edit in 21:9 using 4:3 projects.

This setting must be activated prior to loading your footage into the editor and should not be changed during a project. The format of a scene can be checked using the scene information button in the Edit menu screen.
System settings:
A new checkbox has been added to the screen settings called “16:9 as 21:9 Cinemascope”. Activate this (place a tick in the box) to warrant 21:9 ratio playback of your scenes. This is required if you are using a 21:9 monitor.
This product does not operate in demo mode. You must first activate it.

Software requirements:
Bogart SE 2.3

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