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Candy Factory

Candy Factory marks the return of one of the first generation Casablanca software classics.



It is a program for designing texts, logos, symbols or backgrounds and turn them into complex three dimensional objects. The manifold settings in Candy Factory alter 3D look, structure, pattern and the glow of your basic objects. Additionally, you can add light sources and shadows. Candy Factory is a creative tool that adds anything from a dramatic to plain effective look to your work.

Adjust light- and shadow effects / use the archive to load presets

Create masks and use patterns for bump mapping effects

The software requires two scenes in the Storyboard. The background scene, usually a normal static or moving video scene, is fused with a mask. The mask must be black/white and can contain a text or a logo for example. More than 400 different patterns (textures) give you the power to creative unlimited results. The Image Pool contains countless masks and patterns that can be used as the basis for your work. Depending on the desired effect, the mask can be static or moving.



The many setting options of Candy Factory allow you to determine how the mask is moulded onto the background scene, or how plastic or distinctive it stands out from the background. The respective menus hold countless options and can be combined to creative unusual results.

Set the height and bevel of the object to create a 3D look.

Add an aura around the object to create a neon style look (example).

Materials Object
Should the object shine or rather be matt? Set the strength of the reflection.

This sets the surface bump level for the object. There are some predefined structures but you can also use the Image Pool.

Texture Object
Add a texture to your object to give it extra plasticity.

For perfect light - all the right options.

You can create any kind of shadow or remove it totally.

Materials Background
Like for the object, you can add a reflection for the background.

Bumpmap Background
There are some predefined structures but you can also use the Image Pool.

Bumpmap Settings
Determine the surface structure for the background.

Texture Background
The background too can be treated to a texture.


Watch a videoclip for Candy Factory (3 MB, Quicktime format)

A printed manual is available for this product.

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