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Caladan DVD/DV/S-(VHS) graphics system

Most Casablanca users by now have the capability of producing DVDs with excellent image and sound quality. However, a high-quality DVD only really achieves perfection when it is accompanied by a well-designed cover and the corresponding labeling. And of course the other standard recording formats also benefit from good graphic design too: DV cassettes, VHS and S-VHS cassettes really only have the right effect with good packaging and labels.

  • With Caladan V1.5, you can now also print directly on a CD or DVD.
    For this, you require an HP Photosmart D5160 printer (or a successor model with the same specifications).
  • Caladan now allows you to achieve this kind of design using footage taken directly from the video.
  • Caladan can create any types of covers and disc/cassette labels. When doing so you can directly access images from the video project.
  • You can of course also add text fields and background images. A useful feature is the built-in support for high-resolution digital photographs (from digital memory cards via Photo-Transfer). After all, the high-resolution printing allows for very sharp and large images on the covers.
  • Akaba graphics can of course also be used.

Initially, Caladan will work in conjunction with a high-quality HP-Deskjet printer connected to the Casablanca's USB interface. This allows you to create optimized, precisely positioned prints.

It is also possible to export the Caladan layout-images to a SmartMedia card and to use / print them by the help of a PC.

Caladan turns the Casablanca into a complete media system.


Caladan in combination with SplitX.


Printers that can be used with Caladan: hp5150, hp5740, hp5440, hp5940, HP Photosmart D5160, HP Photosmart D5360  

Software requirements:
SMART EDIT 2.5/3.1
printer: included


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