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Changes and Upgrades for Bogart 3 Software


The audio dubbing features were significantly improved. Some of these changes can only be used within the high definition resolution of the Timeline. Here's a list of audio upgrades/changes.

. When working in the audio dubbing all tracks are played correctly mixed with all the volume and envelope changes without rendering. Only effects need to be rendered.

. The tone curve is shown together with the envelope in all samples.

. The envelope can be changed directly in any visible sample.

. The number of visible audio layers can be set freely (max. 3, or 6 with Pro-Pack).

. Each track can be muted separately.

. Samples can be easily moved between the tracks any time.

. Many functions can be changed using a select button directly at the sample.

. Using the small left trackball button, you can start many envelope functions directly.

. The behaviour of the tracks (free/locked) is changed in audio dubbing.

. The yellow markers can now be displayed over the complete height.

. The volume of a sample can be changed even when you have made changes for the envelope.

. Over modulation in the mix menu is shown directly when changing the envelope.

. The complete Storybord or timeline can be can be checked for over modulated segments.

. The function "create sample" was rewritten and will also merge tracks.

. You can play back only one sample or all tracks in the envelope window.

. The Audio pre-edit now also works for transitions.

. Samples in unbound tracks are not removed while changing the video.

Record, HDV

. In addition to the existing 1440x1080 HD project resolution, now there is 1920x1080 and 1280x720 as well (the last one is nice for YouTube projects)

. You can record HDV and AVCHD in SD Projects and DV in HD-Projects.

. Re-rendering is done automatically when needed.

. During recording via Firewire (DV, HDV) the video format is automatically detected.

. When importing via USB now there are many other formats supported along with AVCHD.

. Scenes can be trimmed during USB import to prevent corrupted footage.

. Photo and time-lapse recordings can be done in HD Projets.


. The clipboard can be started directly from GUI. time intensive renderings can be stopped.

. The clipboard corrects the aspect between SD-Projects and re-adjusts the resolution between HD Projects.

. A new play mode shows scene names, stamps, and FX during playback.

. The multi-line Scene Bin is also displayed on lower screen resolutions like 1280x720.

. Within the multi-line Scene Bin you can now move in all lines. There is no limitation with the middle line anymore.

. You can zoom out in the timeline to display up to 120 minutes on the screen without scrolling.


. Individual effects created using the "FX Staple" are now also shown in the effects list.

Finish Menu

. Complete footage is saved individually for each project.

. HDV can be rendered in 1280:720 (if the project was done in this resolution).


. System settings were completely restructured to improve usability and

. The sync between Video and Audio is adjustable.

. The display of the envelope for audio editing can be turned on/off.


. A project can now be copied into another, empty one.

. If you move the pointer over a scene or FX stamp you will get information about this object.

. The display of the used (HD) capacity in the project settings now also includes the HD usage of Media Manager.



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