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Austin Hughes of Hughes Pictures

Austin Hughes of Hughes Pictures, one of MacroSystem's top dealers, has won two ADDY'S and an ADDY Citation at the 42nd ADDY'S (Tulsa) for his work on "Nosak Raw", a reality-style TV series.


1 ADDY for one hour Premier (infomercial on CBS Tulsa)
1 ADDY for 13 half hour episodes (infomercial on CBS Tulsa)
1 ADDY Citation for B-B package " Nosak Raw".

"Nosak Raw" was re-cut and is showing from time to time on Discovery TLC as "Saw for hire".
Austin says: "If it was not for the reliable, solid, user-friendly Casablanca editing system, there is no way I could have produced a half hour show from shoot on location to air every 2 weeks. We owe a lot of our success to this editing system. Everything was shot in Hi-Def, we did a lot of audio layering and sweetening, it was simple with the key framing feature on the Casablanca; plus I saved a boat-load of dollars not having to send it out. For the skeptics out there, these awards prove that the Casablanca line of editors are a great solution for production houses that "have to git-it-done" with broadcast quality and when time is of the essence".

I have been working with film since 1973, and when the non-linear age hit it scared me to death. However, stumbling over this fantastic system, gives me the film experience in a non-linear world. It is so simple. You just glue the frames together, and wow! it is done.
Thank you MacroSystem for this great editor that I am using.

Austin Hughes
Producer/Director of Nosak Raw.

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