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Casablanca Foolproof 11: Eye Candy - Volume 1


Casablanca Expert Chet Davis has unleashed a collection of short video tutorials to help you create some really cool looking video effects called Casablanca Eye Candy Volume 1.  In these DVD lessons Chet provides clear and detailed instruction on 17 different effects you can create in your Casablanca. And the set includes a DVD with the same scenes Chet uses (as AVI files you load into your Casablanca using the Disk Transfer software). This enables you to follow along and master successful Eye Candy yourself! Together with Chet you'll create some cool title menus, DVD menus, effects combinations, etc. The firs two DVDs with the lessons are set-up with Chapter Menus that enable you to easily access the effect you'd like to learn next.

NOTE: All effects demonstrated on this Eye Candy tutorial are compatible with both Smart Edit OS and Bogart OS Casablanca video editors.


Disk One: Effects 1-9 1 Split Screen Fun (7:56) 2 Video 'Wallpaper' (10:54) 3 Cool Candy Factory Title (7:31) 4 Split Personality - 2 in 1 (8:39) 5 Dual PIP w/Title (9:46) 6 Aspect Ratio Adjustment (7:02) 7 NTT = Nearly Transparent Title (8:09) 8 Keyhole Titles (6:30) 9 DVD Menu - Opaque Mask (10:51)

Disk Two: : Effects 10-17 10 DVD Menu - Dual Scenes (11:40) 11 Magic Extractor (Adobe PS Elements) (12:25) 12 Photo Zoom Effect (8:34) 13 Full Motion Video Cube (15:35) 14 Lower 3rd Border Mask (11:53) 15 PIP Wall (11:07) 16 Title Into PIP Wall (3:57) 17 Eye Candy Title (5:00)

Disk Three: DVD with AVI Files Practice footage (92 scenes) - load into your Scene Bin using Disk Transfer to follow along with Chet 

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