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Silver Edition (beginning with Bogart 4.5c)

License Code USB Import/Export
Choice of alternative languages ​​for a keyboard
Optional bubble help
Selectable image sizes for Storyboard and scene bin
Scene bin optionally one or more lines
Adjustable screen colors
Larger mouse pointer at higher resolutions
Adjustable shortening of scenes when importing AVCHD
Highlighting effects of commonly used
Automatic shutdown of the equipment during periods of inactivity
30 projects
Copying of full projects
Brightness, contrast and color saturation with adjustable on analog feeds
Recording modes (Time, Photo, etc..)
Designation of scenes at the recording
Audio modulation indicator and adjustable level control for video recording
Preview when importing AVCHD footage
Search for scenes
Advanced Info screen for scenes
Clipboard to exchange projects between scenes (including format conversion)
Product selection effect in all lists
More options for creating scene
Advanced trimming and splitting with a display of two or four images
Automatic split into individual scenes
Individually selectable reference imageS
Advanced options for titling (including graphics, text import, several characters and lines options)
Switching from stereo to mono for specific sources
Preview of audio effects
Sorting option for Audio tracks
There are six instead of three tracks for audio dubbing
More options when creating piece of music (freely selectable area, original sound turned off, selectable name)
Live commentary during the video recording is played
Timeline view in separate window
Function test for the detection of overmodulation
Import of additional fonts for titling, menu design, ...
Direct access to the archives in the media manager / relax vision
Patterns from Imagepool may be colorized
Basic Arabesk DVD authoring. (No Chapter Menus)

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