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February 12, 2015
Arabesk 6.3e burning PAL discs when you wanted NTSC?

A few people are getting PAL DVD discs instead of NTSC discs. For them it doesn't matter if the Project is SD or HD. Nor does it matter if they are using Bogart 5.5c, or Bogart 6.1. Germany is looking into it. A couple have been able to delete Arabesk 6.3e in the Install Product menu, then install Arabesk 6.0a from the May Add-on Disc, and the PAL problem is gone. One guy had to do a destructive full install of Bogart 5.5c, and then install Arabesk 6.0a.
Arabesk will burn either PAL or NTSC discs, depending on what format the Project is set to. So make sure you select NTSC. In Bogart 6.1 the default is PAL, so maybe some aren't changing it to NTSC before starting a new project?  I started this topic in the Forum for this possible bug: 


December 21, 2014

The Annual SW Sale ended Friday. Thank You for your continued support! We will get all those orders shipped before we close for the Holidays Tuesday December 23. We will reopen Monday January 12, 2015. If you are one of the hundreds who downloaded the 30-day Free Trial of Bogart for PC on Dec 1, your trial will quit working during our closure. So if you will need it early next year, you have 2 business days to get the license code from your Dealer. If you do not have a dealer here is the list:


The office and phones will be closed, but we will occasionally monitor support emails during the Holiday. If it appears an email response might help, we will give it a shot. The support email addresses are located here:


December 21, 2014
Title Studio v2 with Bogart 6.1 Trouble Info

Some users not reading manuals and notes, so having trouble. Here is the Title Studio Manual:


If you want to access your other Titler Add-on programs read how in the Forum: 


November 30, 2014
Annual Add-on Software Sale 25 to 40% OFF

The annual Cassie Cult add-on SW Sale begins Dec 1, and runs through Friday, December 19th. All Add-on SW is 25% off until then (Operating Systems not included). Club Casablanca Members for 2014 receive 40% OFF. This discount cannot be combined with any other discount. Please contact your dealer to order. If you do not have a dealer, here is a list of value added resellers:  http://www.macrosystem.us/Dealer_List.php

November 30, 2014
Bogart 6.1 for the S-Series, Topaz, and Karat Release

Bogart 6.1 for the S-series, Topaz, and Karat is available from your dealer now too. If you do not have a dealer, here is the list: http://www.macrosystem.us/Dealer_List.php  For Cassie Cultists upgrading from Bogart 5 it is only $69, or $249 from version 4 or earlier. Add $10 for discs, Bogart 6 manual addendum, release notes, install instructions, and shipping USPS Priority ($7 for 1st Class) ($20 Canada). Probably best to get it shipped, because the downloads are well over 2 GB and would take most forever. But here are all the links for those with high speed internet, and ISO file disc burning software and skills:






The manual above lists the main new features of Bogart 6.1, but it leaves out a few other important features. Probably the biggest is compatibility with the new HD Backup Sentry, which is a paid upgrade currently released in Europe, and about ready to emerge from Beta Testing in the US.  This allows single project backups, and transfers between other Casablancas with the same software. You can even select parts of project. It saves and restores everything just like it was. Storyboard, Clip Bin, Transitions, Test, Inserts, Audio; in other words everything. Bogart 6.1 Gold also includes an improved A/V data backup, restore, and transfer if you do not want to spend the money for Sentry. But the A/V data does not save inserts, transitions, etc.

Also the manual does not include these very important items: PCM Audio support, and many new video formats, including Sonys XAVC. I highly recommend the upgrade, particularly since it is so inexpensive for Bogart 5 users. If you don't have Bogart 5, Bogart 6 includes all of those numerous capabilities too!

Bogart 6.1 requires Arabesk 6.3e to work properly. If you already purchased Arabesk 6 you have the license code, but make sure you load Arabesk 6.3e from the new add-on SW disc. If you don't have Arabesk 6, with the 25% add-on SW Sale it is $75 (if coming from version 5). From earlier versions of Arabesk it is $119 during the sale.

If you are not using Arabesk 6 you are really missing the boat. With all previous versions of Arabesk, you could only work on one Arabesk project at a time. Arabesk 6 gives you 10 projects, and many other cool new features:  http://macrosystem.us/Arabesk_6.php

November 30, 2014
Bogart 6.1 for Windows Release

The long awaited Bogart 6.1 for Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and Vista is now available to download on the PC you wish to install it to. Even better, the Bronze version is free for 30-days as you decide whether you want to buy it, or the Silver or Gold versions; each more valuable metal adds features and capabilities. The $99 basic Bronze version features are in all the versions, Silver for $199 adds more capabilities, and the $399 Gold unlocks all the features of all the versions: 


Here are the Installation Instructions:


Here is the link to the small 140Mb download:


Within 30 days you will need to license one of the versions, if you want to keep using it. Call or email your dealer with the 9 digit serial number.  From the main Bogart Windows menu, click the Settings button. The Serial Number will be in the lower left corner of the settings screen, exactly where it has always been for at least the last decade. If you do not have a dealer, here is a list of our dealers (the ones who have Bogart 6.1 for Windows have a (W) next to their name):


The manual has not finished German translation yet. It will be available for download when it does. But our software is the easiest there is, particularly since you already use it. After downloading and trying it for free, I am sure you will want to buy it. We have also setup a Bogart for Windows Section in the Casablanca Forum if you have any questions, comments, complaints, wish list, or tips:


The more powerful the computer the better, but I do not want to scare you. It runs well on any PC made this decade, but it is best using a 4th generation Intel i3, i5 or i7 processor with Intel Quick Sync Video. When I say best, I mean less waiting for rendering, transcoding, imports and exports. Try it out for free on all your PCs, you'll be pleasantly surprised I think. Once you download it, just use Windows Explorer to drag and drop the install file onto a thumb drive, and then onto other PC's with the thumb drive.

We will begin shipping the MacroSystem PC Workstations and Laptops in February 2015, if you just want to wait for a turnkey system with MacroSystem warranty. Watch the Casablanca Bogart for Windows Forum for developing information.

September 15, 2014
New discs to download and burn!
Click here for new add-on discs

September 12, 2014
Fall Update

The Grand Bargain II continues! Barring any big rush, we should have a Free Render Booster ($429 value) to include with any brand new $3999 Karat sold during the rest of September. Fall is usually when shooters edit their summer videos, so don’t wait too long!

Bogart 6 for Windows: It is just about ready to pass beta testing. We will have a pre-release version for dealers in September. If all goes as planned, 2014 Casablanca Club Members will get it in early October, and the public in late October.

Bogart 6 for Linux: It should follow a similar path as the Windows version, but a few weeks later.

2014 Club Casablanca: We recently finished emailing the invoice for this year’s membership fees of $49. The email invoice has a secure payment link. But if you prefer we use your old credit card on file, just email the new expiration date. If you didn’t get an email/invoice, check your spam folder. If you have changed your email, credit card, or address; please email the new info to: clubcasablanca@macrosystem.us

Or if you want to join for all the discounts on software and other benefits go here: http://www.macrosystem.us/Club_Casablanca.php

July 28, 2014
The Grand Bargain II

The Grand Bargain in April was so popular with customers and dealers, why redesign the wheel.  So while supplies last, buy a new high end MacroSystem Karat Edit System at the regular price of $3999, and receive the essential $429 Render Booster FREE! And trade-in any Bogart model for as much as $1500, and get your software codes transferred for free.  

It took us 3 months to top this, but the Grand Bargain II adds even more! It also includes a free upgrade to the new Bogart 6 Operating System when it releases in the fall. And within 30-days of receiving your new Karat you can buy any software you forgot during the original sale for 25% off.




Trade in value is listed on the second page of the price list above. Please call your dealer for more info and to purchase the Grand Bargain II:


Quantities are limited, so hurry! 

April 18, 2014
The Grand Bargain

We wanted our first promotion since taking over the reins of MacroSystem US to be a grand bargain. It had to be the best deal that had ever been done before.  So for the remainder of April 2014, buy our high end Karat Edit System at the regular price of $3999, and receive the essential $429 Render Booster FREE! And trade-in any Bogart model for as much as $1500, and get your software codes transferred for free.  Now how is that for a Grand Bargain?




Trade in value is listed on the second page of the price list above. Please call your dealer for more info and to purchase the Grand Bargain, and tell them Gary McNally sent you:                          


March 11, 2014
McNally's Plug and Play Takes Over

We're excited to announce that Gary McNally of McNally's Plug and Play is going to be taking the reins of the MacroSystem line of products in the Americas.  Just as in Germany, where the largest Casablanca dealer became the new distributor, we've found the right company to take the Casablanca forward here in North and South America.

This toll free number will remain intact (877) 554-2846, and this new one (360) 371-4942. You can also reach Gary at gary@macrosystem.us  Please be patient during the first couple of months as the systems and new offices need to be setup, and much remains in boxes after the 1500 mile journey.

Gary McNally
MacroSystem Americas
4282 Arnie Rd.
Blaine, WA 98230

February 11, 2014
Updated Columbus/Maps disc.

We have an updated disc for Columbus/Maps.  Columbus 3  v1.3a

There are no changes to the operator itself, just an update of maps as prior licenses have expired.  Current owners can still use the older maps, but may also get the new ones with an update of the Columbus 3 software.   Your existing Columbus 3 code will work.

Columbus 3 now has 62 maps.  They are bigger and of higher resolution so you can zoom and move on the maps like with the Big Maps XXL product.

You can download the new disc here.


November 19, 2013

Beginning on Monday, November 18th, we'll have our fall software sale.  This sale will end Friday, December 13th, and is not to be combined with any other offers.

The sale is as follows:
For Casablanca Club members any software package will be 40% off normal retail. 

For non Club members, the discount will be 25% off normal retail. 

During the sale we will also offer the Complete software package at a price of $2799. 

October 21, 2013
From the Testing Division:

t's that time again!  We are looking for a few good testers!  With the  brand new Bogart for Windows PC software passing into a more advanced beta version, we'd like to add to our team and help tighten up the product.  At this time, this will be specific testing for just the Windows Bogart software.  Additional  testing opportunities may occur after its release.  We seek someone who knows the Casablanca product well; owns a PC running Windows 7 Premium or higher ;and who has lots of extra time to be an active tester.   We are most interested in those who have lots of time to test right now.  For inquires, please be contact MSUS via email at bogartsupport@macrosystem.us.   We will provide and accept applications up to the beginning of the new year for these positions.  Or if you are regisered to our Casablanca forum send a PM to JustinPhilpott.  

Thanks for your interest!

October 17, 2013
Club Casablanca Special
Join Club Casablanca now and get 2014 membership FREE!
You will be billed now for the 2013 dues of $49.00.  Club Members also qualify for greater discounts on our upcoming Fall Software Sale.
You can see all the Club benefits and download the enrollment form for Club Casablanca here.


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