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April 18, 2014
The Grand Bargain

We wanted our first promotion since taking over the reins of MacroSystem US to be a grand bargain. It had to be the best deal that had ever been done before.  So for the remainder of April 2014, buy our high end Karat Edit System at the regular price of $3999, and receive the essential $429 Render Booster FREE! And trade-in any Bogart model for as much as $1500, and get your software codes transferred for free.  Now how is that for a Grand Bargain?




Trade in value is listed on the second page of the price list above. Please call your dealer for more info and to purchase the Grand Bargain, and tell them Gary McNally sent you:                          


March 11, 2014
McNally's Plug and Play Takes Over

We're excited to announce that Gary McNally of McNally's Plug and Play is going to be taking the reins of the MacroSystem line of products in the Americas.  Just as in Germany, where the largest Casablanca dealer became the new distributor, we've found the right company to take the Casablanca forward here in North and South America.

This toll free number will remain intact (877) 554-2846, and this new one (360) 371-4942. You can also reach Gary at gary@macrosystem.us  Please be patient during the first couple of months as the systems and new offices need to be setup, and much remains in boxes after the 1500 mile journey.

Gary McNally
MacroSystem Americas
4282 Arnie Rd.
Blaine, WA 98230

February 11, 2014
Updated Columbus/Maps disc.

We have an updated disc for Columbus/Maps.  Columbus 3  v1.3a

There are no changes to the operator itself, just an update of maps as prior licenses have expired.  Current owners can still use the older maps, but may also get the new ones with an update of the Columbus 3 software.   Your existing Columbus 3 code will work.

Columbus 3 now has 62 maps.  They are bigger and of higher resolution so you can zoom and move on the maps like with the Big Maps XXL product.

You can download the new disc here.


November 19, 2013

Beginning on Monday, November 18th, we'll have our fall software sale.  This sale will end Friday, December 13th, and is not to be combined with any other offers.

The sale is as follows:
For Casablanca Club members any software package will be 40% off normal retail. 

For non Club members, the discount will be 25% off normal retail. 

During the sale we will also offer the Complete software package at a price of $2799. 

October 21, 2013
From the Testing Division:

t's that time again!  We are looking for a few good testers!  With the  brand new Bogart for Windows PC software passing into a more advanced beta version, we'd like to add to our team and help tighten up the product.  At this time, this will be specific testing for just the Windows Bogart software.  Additional  testing opportunities may occur after its release.  We seek someone who knows the Casablanca product well; owns a PC running Windows 7 Premium or higher ;and who has lots of extra time to be an active tester.   We are most interested in those who have lots of time to test right now.  For inquires, please be contact MSUS via email at bogartsupport@macrosystem.us.   We will provide and accept applications up to the beginning of the new year for these positions.  Or if you are regisered to our Casablanca forum send a PM to JustinPhilpott.  

Thanks for your interest!

October 17, 2013
Club Casablanca Special
Join Club Casablanca now and get 2014 membership FREE!
You will be billed now for the 2013 dues of $49.00.  Club Members also qualify for greater discounts on our upcoming Fall Software Sale.
You can see all the Club benefits and download the enrollment form for Club Casablanca here.

October 17, 2013
Topaz Special Offer
Order a Topaz in the next 2 weeks and we'll throw in FREE Ground shipping, FREE Gold Edition upgrade, plus we'll also throw in a FREE copy of the Video Storytelling Principles DVD.

October 17, 2013
Bogart for Windows Update
Today, Bogart for Windows was released in PAL.  This software is not yet released in NTSC.  We're excited for this new product, and are busily testing the NTSC version of the software.  

Our release will be delayed, as is customary, to give us more time to do the necessary NTSC testing and de-bugging.  Stay tuned for future announcements about release dates here in the US.

July 24, 2013
Arabesk 6 Released!

We're happy to announce the release of Arabesk 6.  6.0a will be the release version.  Arabesk 6 will require Bogart 5.5c which is also now available.  (see below)

Arabesk 6 pricing is s follows:

Upgrade from Arabesk 5 - Retail $99.  Full version from Arabesk 4 - Retail $159

Some new features include:

The complete modernization of the user interface.

Moving main and chapter menu backgrounds for Blu-rays.

Arabesk 6 now supports two drives.

You now also have the option to export a completed disk as an "ISO" file.

For complete details and to download the Manual and Release Notes please click here.  Download the new Add on Software disc here.


Bogart 5.5c is now available.  This update is required to run the new Arabesk 6 software.

Software and Release Notes can be downloaded here.


July 24, 2013
Software Updates
Along with Arabesk 6, the new Add On Software DVD includes several updates for other add on pieces of software.  These include:

1. BlueBoxWorld 1.1a - An install script has changed that allows the version to be deleted completely from the Install Product list.  This version is needed if you have a problem and have to reinstall BB World.

2. Deluxe Titler 3d V 2.0c - New or first installation of the prior 3D Titler did not set a mirror on the characters as a default.  Having the mirror makes it easier to see the rendered default title.  Archive paths added. When you save the Bogart archives, the archives of Titler archives will be saved too.

3. Deshaker V 1.0a - Different languages updated (french, czech, swedish, italian)

4 & 5. Motion 3d XL 1+2 V 1.0a - Archive paths added. When you save the Bogart archives, the archives of Motion 3D XL will be saved too.

6. Pro Club 2011 V 1.1 - This version will work with Bogart 5.  The prior version will not function.

7. SplitX Wedding HD 1.3 - This version fixes a bug where images didn't show up in the pattern operator and fixes a problem with image transparencies.

8.  Effect Jingles Traffic and Technology V1.1 - This fixes some samples that weren't creating or previewing with or Bogart 5 with the prior version.
9. Quadcam 1.4 - Improved use with HD footage on Bogart 4.3c or higher.  On Bogart 5, Shuttle TT is supported and now can work on Quadcam 1.4 as well.

July 24, 2013
Karat and Topaz shipping
On Thursday we will begin shipping the new Karat and Topaz editors.

We hope to have all backorders filled by month end.

July 1, 2013
Bogart for Windows

MacroSystem is excited to announce Bogart for Windows. 

The Casablanca – the video editor of choice for thousands of editors around the world – will be available in a PC software version.  The new Windows software requires Windows Vista, Win 7 or Win 8.  Windows Bogart can be operated on notebooks, netbooks and even on the new Win8 tablets.

CLICK HERE for more information.

June 21, 2013
Software Sale!!
Beginning today, and through the 19th of July, the following sale prices will be in effect.

For Club Members, 30% off retail pricing. 

For Non-Club folks, 20% off retail pricing. 

This offer is not to be combined with other discounts/specials.

Print Club enrollment form here.

June 21, 2013
New Units Announced!!
We're happy to finally announce the availability and pricing for the Karat and the Topaz.  Beta testing is moving well, we anticipate they're 3 to 5 weeks from being NTSC ready.

Karat - Retail cost is $3999. 

Full details can be found here.

Topaz - Retail price is $2599. 

Full detailscan be found here.

We are now taking unit orders, and will ship when testing completes.  We will ship in the order received.

The trade in offer stands on KARAT units only, with the same discount as with current S6000 trade options.

April 18, 2013
New Software & Software Update
New Software - AnimX Wedding - AnimX Wedding is a new series of themed animations perfect for wedding videos. AnimX Wedding uses a large number of high-quality, animated objects and backgrounds which can be placed in different sizes (similar to masks) anywhere on the video.  More information can be found here.

Software Update - Twixtor v1.1
- Twixtor version 1.1 is a free update for current Twixtor users that includes a fix for working with footage recorded in the progressive mode.    This update is designed to work with 30p and 60i modes in NTSC.

Twixtor 1.1 can run on any Bogart version 2 and higher. The progressive mode is supported in the follwing sections of Twixtor: "Twixtor Slow-Motion", "Twixtor Quick-Motion" and "Twixtor Length-Adjust".    Note: The "Twixtor Vario" operator will not fully support progressive footage and could result in a error or a still frame at the end of a rendered scene.


A new Add On Software for Bogart disc (containing AnimX Wedding and Twixtor v1.1) can be downloaded here.


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