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Gold Edition (beginning with Bogart 4.5c)

Optional timecode display in the professional format (hh: mm: ss: ff)
Optional display of the original time code of the camera
Timeline display with several options for video and audio
Representation of an audio tone curve in the scenes
VGA connection for computer monitors - optional two-monitor mode
Projects possible in 21:9 widescreen format
Various cut detection options for Auto-Split
Adjustable playback volume
Audio/video adjustable offset correction
Smart Rendering - (background rendering)
Adjustable image sizes in scene bin
Editable lists of favorites for effects
Another option for generating scene (direct replacement in storyboard / timeline)
Archive function for various settings
Hard disks can be designated
Projects in the progressive format (including 1280 * 720p)
Backup facility for the storyboard
Recorder control when entering or Finish (via Firewire)
AVCHD import either individual scenes rather than film
Brightness, contrast, color saturation and volume when importing AVCHD-regulated
Group functions for video and audio
Select multiple scenes with functions for moving, swapping, copying
Faster service by using the additional small buttons on the trackball
Single-screen preview
Loop Preview
Trimming and splitting with audio scrubbing and envelope
Advanced clipboard (direct access to other projects, multiple choice, improved 4:3 16:9 conversion)
Accelerated and decelerated motion effects in
Automatic insertion and removal of effects
Simultaneously set multiple effects on a soundtrack
Create audio samples from Mix window
Editable audio envelope
Configuration of the tracks in Audio Mix (on / off, free / bound)
Integration of logo / graphics, timecode, date and time when finalizing
Custom Images available in Imagepool
Chapter Menu creation Arabesk (Blu-ray with Arabesk 5)

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