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FlagX Image Collection

A flag fluttering in the wind as an introduction of your vacation, or moving backgrounds for lifting of important texts.  All that and much more is now possible with FlagX, the new animation collection.

FlagX 1-2 contain a large number of high-quality, animated banners and background plates for Europe (package 1) and America (Package 2), which are of variable size (like a mask) and freely positionable. The images can be used for many applicaitons, and also in combination with Columbus3 or titling programs. Since all the animations in Casablanca Imagepool are stored, they can also be varied. Thus, for example, an object can easily change to your desired color and perfectly adapted to the used background material. FlagX works in both SD and HD projects are supported in 4:3 and 16:9. 

FlagX 1 - Contains a large number of high-quality, animated flags, covering Europe.

FlagX 2 -  Contains 132 high-quality, animated flags of North, Central and South America, and many island nations.


MCAS0003.jpeg  MCAS0009.jpeg  FlagX0.jpeg  FlagX1.jpeg

System requirements:
Bogart SE 2.4c


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